An update on hosting and the blog in general

I've been gone for a bit, and haven't updated the blog at all. I'm really happy to say that I'm moving to a Linode VPS for hosting, so it's way easier to deploy stuff - no git commits, no waiting for rebuilds, just hugo and rsync. I also have a really short domain name - skuz.xyz. No english, so it's cheap (£0.60/yr from Epik).

As for the blog, I will be writing more regularly.

Project section - that's for the blog, the rest is CV-ish stuff.

I may do an article on the server - not the really basic stuff, watch Luke Smith's video on that (it's great). I will look at the Linode CLI and use it in a script, and maybe at backups, benchmarks and rsync. I will remove Google Analytics once I set up Fathom (an open-source, minimal, privacy-respecting self-hosted alternative) within the next few days hugo is an OK blog system, it's fast, but I'd love to be in control and write an SSG from scratch. For now though, I may dive deeper into themes and optimize my (huge) screenshots.

Aside from that, I have Go projects in mind - I'm writing a CLI metronome at the moment, and I'm planning to make Chafa bindings for Go.