My Setup

setup setup 2

An update on my setup. I haven't shown it since last October and you people seem to like it.

OS: Arch Linux

I love how you get to build your system fully. Yet the rolling release model means you can install and forget, with no worries about full-system upgrades like you do in Ubuntu.

WM: bspwm (switched from i3)

I love bspwm's binary tree tiling. It's slightly harder to set up the i3, but I recommend it to anyone with a bit of time.

Browser: qutebrowser

I fell in love with this browser straight after I installed it because previously I used Firefox which required me to use my mouse. Even though I installed a vim keys plugin, I didn't use the keys. qutebrowser encouraged e to do so.

Text editor: vim

In a manageable 78 lines of vimrc, I've got a multi-purpose text-editor for writing, programming and accidentaly opening binary files in vifm. It just accomodates everything. Also vim-like software is nice - for example qutebrowser

Bar: polybar

I don't really like polybar. 415 lines of config is excessive and the bar doesn't look that good. It's not even themeable. In the i3 days, I used bumblebee status and it was fun. Just a command, themes, i3 integration. I'm looking for another bar. I may hop to dwm and use dwmbar or use yabar

File manager: vifm

vifm is a good, fast, vim-like file manager. I haven't had many problems with it. Its 512 lines of config are excessive, but they do include comments. Because of the builtin file-opening, my xdg-open command is pretty stupid. I may switch to nnn. I also tried out dmenufm. I'll decide sometime

Email client: neomutt

I set this up with mutt-wizard. It's email - I don't really care. It works.

Matrix client: gomuks

I discovered this a few days ago. It's a good matrix client, but doesn't support everything Riot.im does. But I look forward to contributing to it on GitHub

System monitor: ytop

gotop was really good and the migration to ytop was easy. It's fast and visual, and I'll keep it


Happy ricing!