My dotfiles are my most active repo on GitHub - unsurprisingly, as I change them at least once a week, and that they'll stick around much longer than the small projects. But they're not very useful to anyone other than me, here's why:

Unsurprisingly, trying to install my dotfiles on friends’ machines, it was dirty. I had a half-assed install script, but the problem was probably the abysmal hard-coding.

The best start for a program's config is something like vim's - zero config yields a viable text editor, and there's no wizard or something like that that creates a deep mess of comments, or even just puts it in by default. Config files should not be over 150 lines, ideally.


I will try to port my dotfiles to a 10-year-old, 32-bit HP ProBook 4720s


Currently it's running Debian with default i3 (it's pretty usgle)

Here's some tentative tips for porting:

That's about it